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Feb 1, 2023 - Wed
Bolton United States
Wind 1 m/s, WNW
Pressure 768.82 mmHg
few clouds
Humidity 84%
Clouds 23%
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Feb 1, 2023 - Wed
Bolton United States
Wind 1 m/s, W
Pressure 768.82 mmHg
scattered clouds
Humidity 82%
Clouds 34%
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Bolton Beans Changing Hands

Bolton Beans, the café housed in the vintage lunch car owned by Ike Wolgin that replaced the famed Bill Gates Diner after it was donated to the Adirondack Museum in 1989, is changing hands.

Katrina Daugherty has announced that she has sold the business to two sisters from a Lake George family, Jennifer Barber and Amy Mignot.

Daugherty established the business in 2000 with her former husband, Corbin Daugherty.

“I’m selling the business because I want to start a new chapter in my life, to continue my education and, I hope, to begin a new career in the field of health care,” said Daugherty.

“We started with a concept, bringing gourmet coffee and pastries to a small town,” said Daugherty. “But it became clear that people also expected food, especially breakfast, probably because we were in an old-school diner. So we introduced breakfasts and sandwiches, made from fresh ingredients and of a quality consistent with our coffees.”

While Daugherty takes pride in the fact that she was able to build a successful business from the ground up, “What I loved most about Bolton Beans was taking care of people and being part of the community.”

Roughly 75 members of that community attended a farewell and thank you party for Daugherty at the Sagamore on May 4. The party was organized by Lisa Kelly and other members of Bolton Beans’ staff.

“Among Katrina’s other contributions to the community was her ability to train young people. She taught them skills that will last a lifetime,” said Bill Bashant, a regular customer.

The new owners, Jennifer Barber and Amy Mignot, also attended.

“Amy and I have discussed going into business together for years, and Bolton Beans is perfect for us. I’ve been in and out of the restaurant business for the past ten years, including  two years working with Katrina to learn how Bolton Beans operates,” said Jennifer Barber.

“I work as a school nurse, which will enable me to work at the café in summers and during school holidays,” said Amy Mignot.

Barber and Mignot said they plan to work hard to retain Bolton Beans’ loyal customer base while slowly expanding its offerings.

“I’m sure they’ll take it to the next level,” said Daugherty.

Among the two sisters’ plans is a new logo, which they hope will be supplied by a Bolton Landing resident.

“We’re creating a contest, open to every Bolton resident of any age, to design our new logo,” said Barber. “We hope everyone will participate.”