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Feb 6, 2023 - Mon
Bolton United States
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Feb 6, 2023 - Mon
Bolton United States
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Around & About Lake George: Friday July 29, 2011

Warrensburg will be hopping tonight (after you get your fill of the massive book sale in Bolton Landing, of course). The Smoke Eaters Jamboree (and fireworks!) kicks off right after work ends – 5 PM. Start the weekend right with music from the Audiostars and carnival rides to make you feel like a kid again. Plus – there are fireworks! Who doesn’t like fireworks? Seriously. Who doesn’t like fireworks.

If you’d rather have the luxury of at least some air-conditioning this Friday night, The Servant of Two Masters is playing at 7 PM at the Lake George Forum. Staying local there is also The Last of The Mohicans playing at the Wild West Ranch at 8.  If you really want to, American Heritage Bicycle Tours are going around the area doing a tour about…well, the Last of the Mohicans – the history behind the story, at least. It’s a ‘casual’ 35 miles. Casual. Right. Like I bike 35 miles a day before breakfast…though my dad does. Huh. Still, anyone who bikes 35 miles is not ‘casual.’ At least not in my mind.

But if you’d rather head down to Saratoga Springs there are some great musical events going on tonight as well. As with last week, the Philadelphia Orchestra is at SPAC – 8PM, make reservations – the theme this week is ‘The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.’ (Next week Yo Yo Ma is in town). And John Sebastian, a rock revolutionary, is playing at the Universal Preservation Hall at 8 PM.

Tomorrow the massive book sale continues, as does the jamboree and the showing of the Servant of Two Masters. If you feel like taking a walk around, though, do it in Bolton Landing! There’s going to be a sidewalk art show going on from noon to five.

Over at the Sagamore, there is going to be a showing of ‘The Cottage”, a new play by Daisy Foote – but its going to be a workshop! The play is in progress and the reading will be with the Lake George Theater Lab at 8 PM.

As per usual, the Adirondack Shakespeare Company is playing, this time at the Boathouse Theater in Schroon Lake – 7:30 PM for abridged works of the Bard.

Sunday, relax and focus on the higher arts – get some books in Bolton and then walk around the sidewalk and marvel at the creations of local artists.

But it’s a hop, skip and a jump to Tuesday.  Chain Lightening is going to be playing at Rogers Memorial Park in Bolton Landing, and across the way it’s going to be Joe Ramsey’s Elvis at 7:30 in Shepard Park.

On Wednesday, as a part of the Summer Concert Series, the 42nd Infantry Division Band is playing at Shepard Park, 7:30 PM. Head over to hear everything from rock and pop to Latin music, and much more.

Like I said, Yo Yo Ma is in town, too – it’s just a musical week, I guess – on Wednesday as well at SPAC, 8 PM.

Again, as per usual, end your Thursday evening with a bang over in Shepard Park with the Lake George Community Band (and of course enjoy the fireworks), or you can go for a little more subtlety and enjoy the music of Beethoven with the Philadelphia Orchestra at SPAC.

Of note, for those of you who are fans of Simon and Garfunkel. Aztec Two Step will be performing at Caffe Lena at 9 PM with a Simon and Garfunkel songbook, though the performance starts at 6:30 for their 40th anniversary. Make sure to have your cash handy, though, it’s $32 at the door.

Overall, it looks like a very entertaining week ahead – enjoy summer while it’s still around, folks!